Sunday, 29 January 2012

Back with a Vengeance!...

Maybe 'Back with a Polite Smile..' would be a more accurate title.

I started this blog a year ago.  Five months later I stopped.  It was my intention to just unload my thoughts about films that I'd seen, nothing more, nothing less.  The blog it's self wasn't that important to me, I was writing about the films that I saw to make me think more deeply about them and so hopefully get more out of the viewing experience.

In fact the viewing experience was not enhanced, quite the opposite.  I could walk out of the cinema thinking about how exciting a film was and by the time I was turning the key in the ignition I'd have picked it apart and be focusing solely on holes in the plot or a wooden supporting cast.  Case point: I loved Limitless as I was leaving the theater but within minutes I'd considered it's inadequacies so much that when people asked me what I thought I slated it, heavily.  I stand by my review on this website, but I apologise to those few people who decided not to see it because of my few minute rant outside HMV back in May.

The point that I am trying to make is that reviewing films made me like them less, so I stopped.  But I'm going to try again, I'll approach it differently and I'll go with my gut feeling.  I won't necessarily review any film that I see either, if I have something to say then I'll say it, if not, I won't (no filler, woop!).