Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Mechanic, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Say what you like about Jason Statham, when it comes to action films, he can deliver.

There are holes in the plot, some very odd character development and one or two clich├ęs.  But really, who gives a shit?

What really matters when a film's poster is a gun made of many guns? The answer is, well, guns.  Guns and explosions and fighting and killing all in newer and more innovative and exciting ways.  So good news.  You get that, and lots of it.  

You also get a fairly good plot,  an updated version of the 1972 film of the same name starring Charles Bronson.  Guilt drives an assasin (Jason Statham) to take on a rather risky protege (Ben Foster).  Things go not too perfectly and soon the two find themselves on a mission of revenge, although by my calculations one of our dynamic duo would have precisely no clue what exactly they are getting revenge for.  The action sequences are well worked out and the fighting is sufficiently realistic without going Rambo style over the top.

Statham is his usual cool as cucumber typecast self.  Foster's character is a little uncomfortable and unpredictable, exactly what the role needed.  Donald Sutherland plays Statham's boss and father figure, he does his usual good job later being replaced (in the boss department) by the other bloke from Ghost (apparently he has done other stuff since then), who also delivers a solid performance.

NB:   The film is a 15 certificate but if you're planning on watching it with a 15 year old, and I'm not here to judge, there is one sex scene which let's just say, I enjoyed very much.  I'm sure they will too.

Good action film, not disappointed.  7 out of 10

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